Did you know that people don't reliably form permanent memories until they're about seven? This means that many of their ideas about their early childhood are formed from a collection of stories told by you and those around them, from artifacts and sensory memories (that way that the smell of banana bread always reminds you of your grandma, though you might not recall a specific time she made it), and from the photos you show them.

        I'm less interested in capturing your outfits than I am in capturing your connection. I want the memories conjured by our work together to be genuine. When your kids come home from college for the weekend, on their way to drop the dirty laundry by the washer, I want them to pass by a timeline of love and playfulness, to be reminded that the warm, comfortable feeling of being home is something you've all built together over the years. The photos you hang on the wall will cement for them the reality that they are, and always have been, loved.