Fine Art Intimate Portraits

        My work is really all about connection.

        It’s about the way we connect to each other, the way we connect to a moment, and the way we connect to ourselves.

        Intimate portraits are some of the most rewarding work I do for that reason. I’m working with you to celebrate the story your body tells. I’m helping you to better see yourself the way the people who love you do. I’m growing and changing with every session, and clients often describe their experience as transformative.

        This is real stuff, folks. We live in a society that criticizes our appearances. We’re taught from an early age to pick ourselves apart, to compare ourselves to others. We’re bombarded by images of youthful celebrities, replete with airbrushing and photoshop, taken by professionals from the most flattering angles. We measure ourselves against them.

        The reality is that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN is beautiful, and it’s really easy to see it when you look with loving eyes.

        I’m excited to give you an opportunity to really see yourself and celebrate your body! That could mean a celebrity experience, with professional hair and makeup and studio lighting. That could mean a sultry afternoon lounge session. That could mean a steamy session with your loved one. Whatever makes you feel most amazing, we’ll do it together, and I’ll help guide you into positions that let your inner beauty shine through!