Katie || Maternity Photos at Balboa Park

        I met Katie through Briana and Loni! She was one of the amazing folks who made everything happen at their wedding, and she is an absolute delight! We kept in touch after their wedding. When Katie announced she was pregnant, I was so overjoyed! Of course we took some photos to celebrate!

        Honoring The Messy & Beautiful Parts of Childbirth

        I remember well how it felt to grow my own little humans inside of my body. I remember what a roller coaster pregnancy can be. One day you’re the embodiment of all the feminine creative goddess energy that ever existed, the next day all your rings get stuck on your fingers.

        Finding The Perfect San Diego Location For The Maternity Goddess Photo Session

        I wanted to be sure we kept the mama goddess vibe going, so I took Katie to one of my favorite walking paths. I knew the giant green leaves on the plants there would give us the otherworldly feeling I wanted from our Balboa Park maternity session! Katie brought this incredible red gown to our session, and between her hair, the gown, and all the greenery, I was getting some serious Pre-Raphaelite vibes. That makes my inner art geek do a happy little dance. Hope you enjoy!

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        February 6, 2019



        Wow, that red dress, her soulful beauty- so much whimsy and wonder in this session! Beautiful!

        Glamorous, creative, and above all else, soulfully true to who this gorgeous mama is. Beautifully done!