Hey! I’m Chris (she/they),
        and I'm a time traveler.

        I'm into equality, parenting, road tripping, being outside, sour beer, gardening, speculative fiction / sci-fi, and rock and roll music. I want to see as much of the world as I can. I'm a terrible dancer but I do it every chance I get. I've been taking pictures for over thirty years, and I plan to keep at it until I die. You can read more about me and my process below. Please pause for a moment first to admire these photos my big kid took of me. I'll never get over them.

        Why I Do What I Do

        I’m a whole-life photographer, with over 15 years of professional experience. Based in San Diego. I specialize in lifestyle wedding, portrait, branding, and boudoir photography; documenting how people relate to each other. I get the opportunity to run alongside people in their finest (and sometimes, most transitional) moments, to find what’s true in them, and to pack as much of it into one frame as I can. If even one of the images we create together remains on your wall for the next twenty or thirty years, I will have succeeded in uniting you with who you were, exactly, in that time of your life.

        Inclusive Wedding and Family Photography

        I’m here to remind you that you are fully seen and fully loved during life’s significant milestones, transitions, and events.  I believe in capturing how people relate to each other, and the vulnerability that my clients allow me to witness during these times.  Whether I’m photographing your engagement, wedding, maternity, anniversary or family portrait session, I hope my photos reveal my mantra: “you cannot love people unless you are willing to fully see them.”

        Beyond San Diego

        As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I strive to capture the essence of this beautiful city, but I’m always happy to travel. While I regularly serve the Southern California area (including Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, and Los Angeles), I’ve photographed weddings all over the US, and internationally. I especially love working in Washington State near Seattle, Whidbey Island, and Mount Vernon.

        What to Expect

        My work with you is aimed at helping you present yourselves to the world, and to your future selves. It’s important to me that we get it right, so throughout our session, I’ll adapt my direction to your level of comfort.

        We will move around a lot! Keeping my body moving helps me not get into my own head. I find that’s true of a lot of people, especially folks who feel nervous, and small children with shorter attention spans. If you are able, I may ask you to move around during your session (I have some good hacks if you’ve a mobility impairment, too). Jiggling your shoulders, going for a short walk, taking a stretch, deep breaths; all of these things help us relax and look like ourselves. 

        If I’m photographing an event for you, you don’t have to be worried about me getting everything. By habit, I will be all over the place, as much as I can, without being a distraction. When we need a second photographer, I tend to lean into associates who operate similarly, but with different special interests for extra depth. 

        How My Brain Works

        If you don’t resonate with the term “neurodivergent,” you might find the rest of this part kind of uninteresting. You’re totally welcome to read on, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

        My neurodivergence is an important part of me and informs my worldview. If you identify this way, and you’ve seen photos of me, you’ve probably already clocked me.

        I have ADHD and an anxiety disorder, and autism runs in my family. I am grateful to have access to healthcare, and as a result, my symptoms are well-controlled, and life is quite manageable.

        So why am I sharing this on my “about me” page? In short, I have the spoons because I’m not hiding it anymore. I used to feel anxious about being seen as “less than” because of some of the things that make me unique. I’ve realized that being open about this has not only relieved me from shame, but helped me see the strengths in it.

        Neurodivergence as a Photography Superpower

        In reality, my particular brand of ADHD makes me a stronger photographer. At a wedding, I’m watching the ceremony, but I’m also watching your mom‘s eyes tear up, the small child crawling underneath the second row who’s about to goose someone, and the man in the fifth row who’s clearly thinking about what it would be like to marry his date. My brain is necessarily in a lot of places all at once, all the time. That’s part of why I wear two camera bodies to shoot events. If you’re looking for a San Diego lifestyle photographer who can capture every moment as it unfolds, I’d love to work with you.

        Growing up in a neurodiverse family and parenting my own kids has taught me a lot about navigating even stressful situations with people who may need special accommodations or a little extra patience. I have also found this to be especially helpful in working with children.

        Parents often compliment the way I work with their kids. I have a deeply collaborative and playful nature, and I think kids can sense it. I’m happy to be your hype man, no matter your age!

        I Feel You

        If you’re still reading, it’s likely because you’re very curious (yay! My people!!), or nervous about hiring a San Diego lifestyle photographer. I hope this transparency gave you a pretty good sense of who I am. 

        If there’s something that’s making you nervous when you think of being photographed, let’s talk about it. My body has been all sorts of shapes and sizes over the years. My arms go up like a t-Rex if I’m just standing around with nothing in my hands. One time my small kid wore pikachu pajamas to our family photo session. Whatever it is you’re worried about, I probably get it.

        I’m here to help you feel truly seen with loving eyes.



        Hey! What are you really good at?

        Thanks for asking! I'm really good at getting to know people well enough to give them some real representation of themselves, and some idea of how they look to the people who love them. We're always beautiful to the people who love us.


        How do I know if you're the photographer for me?

        Take a look at my photos and check out my reviews on yelp and facebook! I think most of the people I've clicked best with were clients who were willing to be open and vulnerable with me, who were willing to share their feelings openly, and who were interested in having me capture that.


        Okay, does that mean we have to be super gross and mushy all the time during our photo session?

        Absolutely not. While touch is a really great way to convey connection in photos, whatever the level of display of affection you're comfortable with is okay with me. There are lots of other ways we show emotion to each other, from the way our eyes soften when we look at each other, to the way we laugh when someone we love says something clever. Whatever your love language is, we'll find some way to capture it.


        What sort of equipment do you use?

        Actually, no one's asked me that in a while, but if you're REALLY interested, I'm on team Canon. Sometimes my second shooters use Nikon or Sony or Fuji. I'm more worried about the product than the means. Basically, I have a whole bunch of stuff and I'll bring the right tools for what we want to do. For specifics, just shoot me a line.


        What are your rates? Do you have prints and albums available?

        You can get details about my regular rates over at the Details & Pricing page! I work with some wonderful printing companies and am pleased to offer beautiful products to help you experience your photos!