The Bashores || An Old Town San Diego Lifestyle Session

        I first met Payge and Shaun three years ago, when they were new to San Diego. It looks like I’ll be bookending their San Diego experience as they prepare to move, but I’m so grateful they reached out to me about a photo session before they go! We chose Old Town as our setting because it has so much of what I love about San Diego; succulents, sunshine, bougainvillea, and some great white adobe walls, as well. Payge and Shaun have a couple of dachshunds, and brought them to their session. Of course this led to plenty of laughs as I waved treats around and gestured wildly trying to get their attention. Ha!

        A Photographic Time Capsule

        We talked about giving them some great photographic memories to take with them to their new home. I asked Payge whether she thinks we accomplished that, and she said “Totally, Shaun and I will be able to smile at these photos for years to come. Especially when our dogs are gone. It’s going to be really special to have these photos to look back on since our dogs are totally our children. I definitely smile because the dogs are crazy but super cute, no one would ever know what a pain in the butt they are to photograph looking at the photos! The ones of them looking right at the camera are magic. Oh and the one of Maggie looking up at Shaun. That is her favorite person! Perfect moment! I love all of the memories you captured of us!”

        I’m really excited to think that twenty years from now, they’ll be able to use these images to time travel back to their time here in Southern California and that one perfect afternoon in the sun when everything was beautiful. In the end, the photos we take today are for the people we’ll be tomorrow. I’m excited to see where Payge and Shaun’s journey takes them, and who they’ll become on the way.

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