I am most attracted to still images because of their capacity for storytelling in an instant. What I do is directed, not posed. It’s not quite photojournalistic, either. I want to get a sense of who you are and work together to convey it.

        This often means that when we work together, I might give you some small activity to do as a team, or a game to play or suggest some ridiculous thing to break the ice. It might mean that shoot in your home or at the bar where you met. It might mean that we hang out and have a cup of tea for a while before we shoot (or mid-shoot!). It might mean that we climb onto the roof of a building and watch the sunset together.

        If that’s the sort of thing you’re into, I’m your person. If you’d rather keep it a little lower key and just go have a picnic, I couldn’t be happier about that, either. I just want you to be you, and to let me show you what that looks like because it’s beautiful.

        In order to keep things simple, my inclusive pricing is based on the length of your session. I’m also happy to offer sliding scale sessions on weekdays. when available.

        My current rates include your lightly edited digital images, hosted online for at least six months. I’ve listed my starting rates, but please be aware that additional services, such a set-building or location rentals may incur additional costs. When you book your session, we can work together to develop exactly the right plan for your session.

        15 minute session (great for headshots and very small children): $200

        30 minute session (great for family sessions and lifestyle sessions): $400

        One hour session (great for engagement sessions, in-home family sessions, first-time boudoir clients): $600

        Sessions and events two hours or longer: $400/hour, add a second photographer for $125/hour.

        Prints and albums: please ask!