Whether you need more frequent content creation for your brand or business, or just want more regular family photos and access to my calendar before other clients, a monthly subscription plan offers you a discounted rate on frequent services and an easy way to spread the cost out over the year.

        My booking calendar for sessions is usually only open two months in advance, but subscription members may book three months out!

        Seasonal 15 minutes


        If you just need a little content refresh, or if you have small kids who don't like to sit still for long, doing four 15-minute sessions per year gives you an easy, low pressure option for a shoot once a season.

        Seasonal 30 minutes


        If you've got a need for more content but don't want to deal with a monthly shoot, a seasonal half hour session may be the perfect fit. A half hour gives us enough time for headshots and lifestyle photos, for a little adventure as a family, or if you've a need for some spicy photos for your OnlyFans, enough time to get settled in to create some juicy images. This option allows four half hour shoots per year.

        Bi-monthly 15 minute


        Get a 15-minute session every other month! This is a great option for folks who run regular specials and need related content, or for folks who want the flexibility of adding a couple of longer sessions to their seasonal rotation (that's right, you can combine 15-minute sessions into a half hour session)!

        Bi-monthly 30 minutes


        If you've a team you want regular photos of, THIS is your package. Half an hour gives us enough time to mix up some lifestyle and headshots at each shoot, and every other month gives us time to plan between shoots, as well as the frequency to get a little more creative in our approach to content creation.

        Monthly 15 minutes


        If you're constantly feeling like your media library is stale and you need new content, this is the package for you. 15 minutes doesn't give us time for outfit changes, but it does give us time for a quick and fun little adventure together!

        Monthly 30 minutes


        This is a great fit for brands with media-heavy needs, or who want the option to gift photography sessions to clients. If you have frequent product releases and need product photography as well as portraits, this is likely to be your best fit. And yes, you can combine sessions. :)



        What kind of sessions can I book with this?

        I'm a whole-life photographer, and offer a wide variety of portrait and event photography services. These sessions are valid for branding and business photos, family photos, boudoir (though you may find that for intimate portraits, a half hour minimum per session will give you better results), and even event photography. If you want to use your monthly 15 minute session to have me stop by your company's holiday party, or to gift a mini session to a client who purchased a new home, I'm 100% on board with that.


        Okay, why do I want to do this?

        Photo subscriptions offer a few perks: -spread your cost out over time -allow an easier way to budget for your photography needs -access to my booking calendar a full month before other folks


        Is there a discount for this?

        Yes, these prices offer a moderate discount for folks who are booking more frequently, as well as an option to lock in current prices. As of November 2022, my rates are $175/15 minute session and $350/half hour. These rates are likely to increase in 2023, but the subscription prices listed above will set you up with at least a year at the current prices. If you normally book me for longer sessions or event coverage, you already get an hourly discount for longer bookings, so this may not offer a savings to you.


        What do I get with my session? Are there any extra fees?

        These sessions will work just like my regular sessions; your session fee includes your edited photos and use rights for them. I always promise at least 10 images per 15 minute session and 25 per half hour session, but there are usually quite a few more. The more often we work together, the more productive our sessions will tend to be.


        Can I combine sessions?

        Absolutely! If you'd rather swap two of your 15-minute sessions for a half hour session, or swap two half hour sessions for a full hour, that is not a problem. Depending on your subscription plan, there may be an additional charge if you're asking to book more than your subscription plan has currently paid for.