Creating a Visual Time Capsule with Chris Wojdak: Your Inclusive San Diego Family Photographer

        As an inclusive San Diego family photographer, my goal is to help your family create a visual time capsule that captures your unique journey through life. Family moments, from everyday joys to significant milestones, are fleeting, but through my lens, they become timeless memories.

        Capturing Authentic Moments

        Psychologists tell us that displaying family photos improves children’s self esteem. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I think the most powerful one is that seeing a family photo on the wall every day can serve to remind a child of just how loved they have always been, and what an important place they hold in their home. I strive to document genuine interactions and emotions, ensuring that each photo reflects your family’s true essence, and highlighting the uniqueness of each person.

        Three generations of a family stand together, smiling at each other and backlit. Photo by Chris Wojdak, inclusive San Diego family photographer

        Inclusive and Personalized Sessions

        Understanding that every family is different, I offer personalized sessions that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Working with children can be challenging, but being a child can be really challenging, too! Whether your kiddo is easygoing, in an especially energetic phase, or has sensory needs to accommodate, my inclusive, playful, and patient approach ensures that every family member feels comfortable and celebrated, making the experience enjoyable and stress-free.

        Creating Lasting Memories

        Have you been fortunate enough to come across family photos from a hundred years ago? Photography was such a different art, then, and taking candid photos was pretty rare. Technology has come a long way since then, and now we can capture not just great posed portraits, but playful and natural images that paint a fuller picture of who you are. By working closely with you, I capture those spontaneous and heartfelt moments that might otherwise be forgotten. Some day, future generations of our family may know us by these. I think that is endlessly exciting.

        A mom smiles at the camera as her two children kiss her cheeks. Photo by Chris Wojdak, inclusive San Diego photographer

        Why Choose Me?

        • Experienced and Professional: With over 15 years of professional experience, I have seen it all. I’m absolutely unflappable and will help you look fantastic, even amidst the chaos of life with toddlers.
        • Inclusive Approach: My commitment to inclusivity ensures a welcoming and affirming experience for all families. I’m happy to work with you to make sure everyone’s needs are being delightfully met.
        • Beautiful Locations: San Diego offers stunning backdrops for family photography, from picturesque beaches to lush parks. I’ve got a wealth of options in my pocket to suggest, and galleries to show from each spot to help you visualize whether a setting will work well for what we’re planning.

        Let’s work together to create a visual time capsule that beautifully encapsulates your family’s unique story. Contact me today to schedule your session!

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        May 24, 2024