Kate + Robbie || Married at Corona Heritage Park, Corona

        Kate and Robbie have been sweethearts for ages, and I have never met two people who were more excited about each other. Their wedding day was a celebration of love, patience, and joyful exuberance.

        Kate and Robbie didn’t want to do a first look, so in order to make good use of the time we had before their ceremony, we decided to do a “first touch,” with Robbie blindfolded! It was a beautiful, emotional moment for all present, followed by a touching ceremony and an outrageous party! AND DID I MENTION THE IN-N-OUT TRUCK WAS THERE? It’s no secret that I often fall in love with my couples a little, and there’s certainly no exception here. I cannot wait to see where their journey takes them!

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        Love these, and tha InNOut was involved lol! My favorite shot is the one through the leaves!

        Oh i just love their blindfolded first touch! How sweet.

        Wow Chris! I love these photos! Beautiful wedding!

        OH my goodness they are so sweet! I loved his emotion and her response. Looks like they had a blast and oh I loved there color palette!

        Kristin Rachelle Photography

        These are beautiful images of a beautiful couple! You captured their day so well…they must be thrilled!

        Not only does it look like they had the biggest blast of all time, but the charm and the feels from this day pour forth in the most you of ways, Chris. Beautiful! ps: I adore than grannie and gramps at the end!