Logan and Erick || A Fun and Eclectic Wedding at Lot 8, San Diego

        When Logan and Erick reached out to me about their wedding day, I knew from our first conversation that we were going to have a fantastic time together. They’d picked a new venue, Lot 8 in Mission Valley. This place looked like it would provide the perfect backdrop for the evening of fun, food trucks, and great music they had planned!

        While it’s always my preference to work together ahead of time, Logan and Erick were coming into town from Atlanta and we just couldn’t make an engagement session work with our schedules! I am so, so grateful for all the trust they were willing to give me, and for how quickly we worked together to get them warmed up in front of the camera so their love and their warm personalities shine through.

        Celebrating Their Unique Wedding Style

        Seeing people in love celebrate a lifelong commitment in front of their community will NEVER cease to inspire and affect me. I am endlessly fascinated by the way we all make these our own. From Logan’s handmade brooch bouquet (she made it herself!!) to Erick’s rad vintage-inspired jacket, these two put their own spin on this marriage thing from the very beginning. Easter eggs: Logan’s mom is a STELLAR hair/makeup artist and did her upright for her wedding day! Is that not the sweetest thing ever? Logan’s stepdad was a dancer for VANILLA ICE!!!!! See if you can spot some sweet nineties swag hiding in here. 🙂

        March 13, 2019



        That was a bunch of eye candy! I love the details, colors, and use of light. My favorite image is the groom wiping tears from the brides’ eyes, such a special moment of love.

        What a cool and unique venue! Beautifully captured as well! Great job!

        LOVE the vibe of this day! Lot 8 was the perfect casual and fun setting, and this couple is beyond adorable. Not just their style, but their tenderness. And the shoe change made me giggle. Delightful!