Alix + Tahl || Pt 1: A Mythical Marriage at The Fire Garden

        Have you ever met someone and immediately known you had some things to learn from them? Alix and Tahl were like that for me.

        I spend a lot of time thinking about weddings. Every element of a wedding is a symbol. A lot of them are symbols we don’t even really consider, but that have a long and storied past. I often encourage new clients to consider which symbols they’re including, and sometimes we brainstorm about ways to make them even more meaningful, through inclusion or adaptation. Every now and then, I run into someone else who geeks out on that stuff as much as I do. Tahl and Alix were the first people I’d met who were literally building their own concept of a wedding from the ground up.

        You see, a lot of what we show to the world is our lightness; the parts of us that are easy to digest, the parts of us that make sense immediately without much contemplation, the parts we’ve been told are the measures of success. That’s hardly a whole picture of a person, and it’s hardly a whole picture of a relationship, either, but it’s practical and it’s what most of us do.

        There’s opportunity, though, in showing the rest of ourselves and offering our community a chance to see and love those parts, too. Alix and Tahl found a way to weave mythical threads of all of the parts of their lives into a celebration that lasted through two ceremonies, a romantic and ethereal light/day ceremony for family, and a Dionysian dark magic/night ceremony for the people who walk with them through the most intimate parts of their lives.

        Tahl and Alix had the forethought to hire Desiree of Penny Blooms to coordinate and help them weave this magical tapestry together at The Fire Garden in Bonsall. In this gallery, you’ll see their light ceremony. You’ll see a propolis blessing, you’ll see a handfasting, you’ll see two people walking together down the aisle. You’ll see a lot of details, and every one of them is intentional.

        Keep your eyes peeled for part two, which will feature a little more about how everything came together to make the perfect, personalized experience for this couple and their loved ones.

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        February 20, 2019



        What an amazing feast for my eyes. That first portrait is such art, it almost looks like a watercolor. All of the images and details are so creative an unique. Special day!

        I don’t even have the words for the beauty and magic and mythic wonder this day was brimming with. What an incredible couple and community. The level of personal detail and soulfulness really gave me goosebumps. Wonderful, Chris!

        Oh wow, I love how personalized and intentional every detail and ritual is… and how you captured each aspect with such care and truth! Brava!!