Briana + Loni || Backyard and Ocean Beach Engagement Session

        Briana and Loni are two of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. I first met Briana when I became a little obsessed with her tattoo work (she runs Buju Tattoo in Mission Hills), and when I met Loni, it was easy to see how they connected and are drawn to each other. They’re both incredible artists (Loni’s the incredibly talented percussionist for the band Letlive) They’ve both got the same sort of mellow, open-minded, kind vibe that puts you immediately at ease. I was so excited to photograph them, along with their dog, Buju, in their home and see how their lives have come together.

        After spending some time at home snuggling up and throwing the ball around for Buju in the back yard, we headed out to Pacific Beach to grab a few more photos in one of their favorite places. I love that their entire session so beautifully celebrates their interests and their lives together, from their art to their home, from the beach to their cars, from their morning routine to the way their feet go every which way when they cuddle up together on the couch at night.

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