Sandra || A Dreamy Balboa Park Session

        I first met Sandra at a printmaking class taught by a mutual friend, and instantly took a liking to her. She’s one of those people who oozes creativity, who’s interested in everything, and she’s super easy to be around. Her chill, peaceful vibe kind of feels like everything I love about Southern California, if it were all rolled up into a person.

        Sandra’s the brains behind Little Hobo Bird, among other things, and while all of her work is gorgeous, her one-of-a-kind silver jewelry pieces really blow my mind! She’s got an incredible eye for curation, and even just seeing how she puts an outfit together sometimes is such a delight! Of course I was thrilled when she decided to do a session to showcase a little of her work, and we quickly settled on starting in the succulent garden in Balboa Park, then wandering over to Palm Canyon for some dim twilight photos with the trees. I even wrangled her sweetheart into a few of the photos! I asked Sandra if she’d be willing to say a little something about the experience, and I’m so happy about what she wrote that I’m just going to shut up now and let her talk.

        Trusting the process

        I met Chris years ago at a print making class hosted by a mutual friend. Since then, I have seen the beautiful work she is capable of. We’ve gotten to know each other better since then and I felt the need to work with her in some creative capacity. I’m pretty terrible at promoting my business because I prefer just to be a creator, but an opportunity to have a mini session came up and I jumped on it.

        Beforehand, we talked about what our shoot would look like and what I wanted my photos to convey. I think I said something like “aspirational, but still me.” I always want to be true to myself, my art, and my branding – as miss mash and disorganized as it is, I like to come across as REAL. I’m a goofball and a little self-deprecating and awkward, and still kind of a babe, but I wanted to take that mess and present it in the prettiest light.

        In the end I decided I would trust Chris, trust her process, and focus on having fun in one of my most favorite places in Balboa Park.

        Taking photos with Chris didn’t feel too posed or painful, it felt like we were having a playful time, in a beautiful place. I loved seeing her behind the camera; her personality is equally goofy, she’s incredibly disarming, and she knows how to work the available natural light to her advantage. My pictures are stunning, and they capture exactly what I was hoping to while exceeding my best expectations, especially since I (we all) can be harshly critical of our own perceived flaws.

        I am so glad I signed on for a mini session and I’m looking forward to working with Chris in the future! If you are looking for a professional photographer who is down to earth and sincere, definitely work with Chris. You’ll probably want to keep her as a friend after your shoot is over, just sayin’.

        I’m beyond excited to share these with you! Sandra is absolutely an inspiration to me, and I hope you love these amazing ethereal goddess vibes she brought to the session!!

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        I love the processing on all of these! Her hair is magical and that dress!